Waka Waka Collaboration Reusable Colouring Mat

Waka Waka Collaboration Reusable Colouring Mat


In collaboration with local Safari-themed indoor playground Waka Waka, we are proud to launched our latest colouring mat party pack.


Each pack comes in its own colourful box containing a silicone colouring mat (measuring 20 x 15cm) & 4 dry erase pens (red, blue, green & yellow).


Our signature A5 mats are uniquely designed with intricate detail to aid concentration & motor skill practice, not forgetting our “find the” box.


Our butter-soft premium doodle mats with their unique Intricate Designs are great for all ages - parents & carers can join in the fun!


Made from 100% silicone they are a Planet-friendly solution to colouring. Easy to clean with soap and hot water & heat resistant to 220 °C they are both dishwasher & microwave safe.


Care Advice: Easy to clean with soap and hot water. Heat resistant to 220 °C.

Do not use it as a pot mat. Young kids can pick food directly off the mat (We suggest you wipe away the colorings first).


Disclaimer: Please note whiteboard (Dry erase) markers are by their nature not fabric friendly. You might be able to wash them off with the help of some rubbing alcohol, however the pigments might not wash out completely. It is advisable to monitor your child when using the markers. 

SKU: DD-010