Silicone Soft Educational Building Blocks

Silicone Soft Educational Building Blocks


Our latest in silicone child-friendly essentials – Healthy building blocks!


Silicone building blocks with numbers, textures, and characters.


Most seasoned parents will tell you building blocks are the one toy you can guarantee your little one will play with time and time again.


There are many benefits associated with playing with blocks. Even at a young age, children can learn to problem solve, use their imaginations, practice basic math concepts (as they measure, count and compare sizes) and work on fine motor skills.


Made from high-quality 100% food-grade silicone and free of all the nasties, these colourful blocks are super easy to clean and soft. 


Each set contains 12 blocks.


Sure to become a favourite toy!


Suitable for children from 6 months old. These blocks made a great gift. They come packaged in our new large produce/storage bags.


These blocks made a great gift!