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White or Yellow - Which Beeswax colour is best? 💭

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Beeswax actually starts white. It is secreted from the wax glands on the abdomen of the female worker bees. So what determines the colour of Yellow beeswax? Why is some beeswax more orange or of a different colour shade from the standard beeswax lemon gold?

Natural conditions like the types of flowers surrounding the bee farm where the bee’s forages, the weather condition, source and cleanliness affects the colour shades of yellow in beeswax.

The most common type of beeswax colour that you can easily find is “yellow”. This is actually the pure and natural tone of a honeycomb. In fact, the more golden the colour, it means that the wax is purer and of higher quality. Those that have darker colours are the ones that are deemed as lower quality of waxes.

White Beeswax is yellow beeswax refined to removes the yellow tint caused by pollen. This process results in refined white beeswax which are as widely used in the manufacturing of skin care and cosmetic commercial products. Depending on your end product requirement, you could be using either white beeswax or a mixture of white and yellow which forms a better pastel for your end product.

One of the main differences between white and yellow beeswax is actually their filtration process. Yellow beeswax has undergone heating procedure and then filtered to get rid of the debris. While for the white beeswax, it undergoes pressure-filtration which gives that white like ivory colour.

Beeswax whether in yellow or white essentially have the same properties.

White coloured waxes are more commonly used in cosmetic products while the yellow ones are for crafting purposes such as candle making.

For Beeswax wraps we recommend white hue beeswax for light coloured cotton. If you prefer the smell and look of yellow hue beeswax we advise you to select material with some colour and pattern. White backgrounds or white pattern details can look dirty due to the yellow-tone of the beeswax.

If you want an all-natural #beeswax, choose yellow. Generally, a creamy yellow beeswax is the best bet in terms of purity.

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