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Hand-made in Singapore using sustainable ingredients (Organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin) these wraps are washable and reusable. So durable they will last for a year or more and have natural antibacterial properties! Easy to use and perfect alternative to plastic wraps for food storage both at home and on the go. Ideal for wrapping sandwiches, fruits & vegetables or fold into a useful packet to hold snacks.

These wraps are so versatile they are the go-to wrap in our kitchen from kids' lunches (sandwiches, snack pouches) to covering those leftover avocados from smoothie making.

Simple to use - Use the warmth and pressure of your hands to seal the wrap around food or a bowl. In seconds, the wrap will hold its seal by sticking to itself or the bowl it’s covering. 

Most beeswax wrap can last up to one year with regular use and proper care. Re-fresh them when needed using our pre-mixed refresher bar. It contains all you need to refresh your wraps or even make your own!  

When it gets too old and worn, it's compostable. Use it to tie up your plants in the garden, or bury it with the soil. It will break down over time and enrich your soil.

Wraps are a great way to raise awareness with children about waste. Take the first steps towards a plastic-free lifestyle with us today!


More than just food wraps, use them to proof dough, and pipe icing. Don’t be limited by thoughts of food alone. What about presenting gifts, like pretty soaps or bunches of flowers? Two gifts in one! Let your imagination run free….