Special Edition Peranakan Tiles Beeswax Wraps 30 x30cm (1 per pack)

Special Edition Peranakan Tiles Beeswax Wraps 30 x30cm (1 per pack)




We have joined forces with @karenmadesingapore to create this special edition Beeswax Wraps just in time for Mother’s Day. Printed on Organic Cotton, this collage of Karen’s stunning photography brings together the colourful tiles that have become a distinctive feature of our community and referred to as Peranakan Tiles.


Our Special Peranakan Tiles edition beeswax wraps packs contain 1 Large wrap. A generous size at 12" x 12"(30x30cm) it will cover cover everything listed below.


🥝 Small 7" x 7" (17x17cm) – Jack of all trades. Perfect for storing leftover vegetables or covering mason jars. Plus great for storing snacks on the go – make a little pocket, pop in your snack and off you go.


🧀 Medium 9" x 9"(23x23cm) - for wrapping sandwiches & cheese, covering leftovers and wrapping herbs to keep them fresh for longer.


🥣 Large 12" x 12"(30x30cm) – Can cover most bowls, containers and baking dishes.


Want to brighten up those lunches then this is just the ticket. Wrap your sandwiches or cut smaller wraps to make snack pouches for on the go.


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100% biodegradable. When it gets too old and worn, it's compostable. Use it to tie up your plants in the garden, or bury it with the soil. It will break down over time and enrich your soil.


Beeswax wraps are the gift that keeps on giving!


    🐝 30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – 30 Day Money back Guarantee. If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, then we’re not happy. Contact us and we will fix it.