Let’s Look After Eye Care Collaboration Pack

Let’s Look After Eye Care Collaboration Pack

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Unfortunately, in this new world screen time for our little ones most often is unavoidable. From online classes to HBL children and adults alike are spending more time on screens than ever before.


Excessive screen time is associated with a string of health concerns from myopia, digital eye strain to mental health issues.


Fortunately, there are ways to protect ourselves and our children from these detrimental effects.


Lookafter our overtired eyes by giving them the essential nutrients they require. These gummies by Letslookafter contain plant-based antioxidant-rich ingredients lutein & Zeaxanthin and help to:


  • Strengthen blue light defense
  • Nourish tired & strained eyes
  • Support overall eye health


Paired with our A5 size Colouring Party pack for some screen free time.


Choose from Dino or Fantasy Design.


Each kit contains x 1 A5 Reusable Colouring Mat Set + x 1 Eye Care Vitamin Gummy


Save over 15% on RRP



    We only do exchanges on the mats sets should there be an erroneous print or damage to the mats or markers upon receipt. Please take a picture and send it to us at info@erdaally.com

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