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We at Erda Ally want to make it easy for everyone to reduce their daily carbon footprint by making eco-friendly products affordable and providing tips for a Sustainable Lifestyle. Being parents ourselves, we understand our children are more likely to learn habits that they see at home. So as influencers of the future, we must also live a greener life so that our children learn to as well.

Our first product was the silicone colouring/meal mats. The mat is designed to help provide parents with an alternative to screen time to entertain their children when dining or travelling. The added bonus of its reusable properties is it provides easy meal clean up and reduction of paper waste created from colouring books.

​In honour of Tell a Fairy Tale Day, we re-released our sell-out dinosaur & fairy designs in our signature A5 Party pack, and our new range of eco-products made of natural materials will be out in the coming months.

Partnering with other brands we aim to make it easier on your purse to make responsible choices for our planet and help educate our next generation.